Casual Costume: 10/4/2016 – The Dude!

Who doesn’t love The Dude?  This is one that I planned to do last year, but didn’t find all the pieces in time.  Plus, I get to wear a soft robe around all day, what’s not to love about that?

I had to go out to my mom’s house to find a grocery store with an open milk section though.



Casual Costume October 2016! #1 – 10/3/2016

It’s time at last for Casual Costume October!  For those of you new to the concept: I dress up in a casual costume every day of October.  What makes it casual instead of just a costume?  I try to only use actual clothing, nothing from costume stores, and no wigs.  I want people to see me to think…”Does she know she’s dressed like Pee Wee Herman today?  Was that a coincidence or did she mean to do it?”  Although, most people I encounter during the day know about my costumes by now.

And to answer a few common questions: yes, I do usually wear the costume out during the day, but not always.  Sometimes they are not weather appropriate and sometimes they are not costumes at all (like Carrie in the bath and a couple more I have planned this year).

Now you’re thinking, “Did she say Pee Wee Herman?”  Yes, that’s that’s first character!



Gearing up for Casual Costume October

My favorite time of year is approaching quickly, Casual Costume October!  I’ve been collecting pieces for my costumes all summer, and I always have pieces from previous years that I never got to.  So far, I have 21 complete costumes!  They aren’t quite ready to go yet, I still have to alter a bunch of them.  And I’ve always got a list of characters I’m looking out for costumes of.

Here’s some of what I have so far.  As you can see, there’s a lot of color!


This year I plan on revisiting the town of Twin Peaks and the world of Tim Burton.  I have another Addams Family movie character, and another from Ghostbusters.  Of course, I’ll have some 90’s Nicktoons too.  As well as some childhood favorites, and some scary characters as well (it’s Halloween after all and I’ve always identified with the villains).

Judging by the pile, do you have any guesses?


P.S.  I’m also posting sneak peeks on my Snapchat this year, @sweetchloroform.


P.P.S. Yes, I was using talk to text for the one in the upper right and it wrote peak instead of peek, and I didn’t correct it at the time and it’s killing me now and I can’t change it.


Make Mode

I’m trying to learn to balance this blog vs. making things.  It’s harder than I thought it would be, especially with school out and the kids here all day.

Lately,  I’ve been in making stuff mode, to try to fill that Etsy shop.  Here’s what I’ve been doing lately.


I finished this bloody mirror recently.  Found an old wooden scratched mirror at a thrift store.  After some sanding and painting, I think it looks really cool!  The splattering was fun, even if I got it all over my arms, hair, and face.

I’ve also started working with resin again.  I’ve been making pins and necklaces, and so far, I love them.  Here are a couple pictures of some moons and unicorn I made.    What do you think?  What are you working on this summer? IMG_7409IMG_7408

My Pink Hair


“Why did you do that?”  I get asked why my hair is pink sometimes.  I honestly have no answer other than, “I like it.”  Isn’t that why anyone does it?  Even for blondes, brunettes, redheads?  Mostly though, people tell me they like my hair, or they ignore it.  I’m fine with both.  I do adore when small children look at me with wide eyes and tell their parents, “Her hair is pink!”

I get some looks though, often when I’m volunteering at my kids school.  I don’t really notice, but others have told me.  It doesn’t affect me in any way.  I find it strange that anyone would  have an opinion about my hair, but their opinion doesn’t really touch my life, so they can think whatever they want about it.

But the question I get most often is how I keep up my color and how much I dye it.

I don’t do the blonde myself.  My amazing stylist Britney at Jouvence Aveda makes me a fabulous platinum blonde.  She also touches up the pink for me while I’m there with Aveda’s pink.  I like it, but their pink is a little too purple for me.  In between visits I up the pink myself, usually every other week.  But it’s pretty quick and easy.

Usually, I use Beyond The Zone Color Jamz  in Bubble Head Pink or Party Time Pink.  For this dye, I would wet my hair first, then (wearing gloves and sitting in the bathtub), I would wash the dye in like shampoo.  It’s really bright, so I only let it sit a couple minutes because I like my pink to be light most of the time.  Then I wash it out and shampoo and condition as normal.  However, Color Jamz just changed their formula on my pink to be conditioning, or something like that, and my method no longer works.

Now I’m using Ion Color Brilliance Semi Permanent Neon Brights Hair Color .  I use the pinks and sometimes purple for the ends.  The purple is gorgeous!  Since my hair is already light, it just takes a few minutes to put on my hair, I let it sit a little while, the I take a shower as usual.

And that’s it!  Do you guys have a better answer for when people ask you why you dye your hair?


Broken Glass Crown Birthday Photos

This concept has been in my mind for a few weeks.  In later posts I will break down how I made the crown and the spiral Beetlejuice like tentacles, but for now here is the final result, my birthday photos.  I started with the the first one, then posted one an hour on my Facebook and Instagram.  Hopefully it was entertaining to my friends.


It’s my birthday today!
I’m wearing my broken glass crown (yes it’s really made with broken glass). I’ll keep you updated throughout the day on how it’s going.


This crown is getting a little heavy.


I’m keeping my head up.




Everything is fine, just keep smiling. Broken glass crown = totally worth it.


And I lived happily ever after. The End.

Here they all are in one place. Transformation complete.



Beetlejuice-esque Black & White Tentacle DIY

I wanted to make these last Halloween to go with my pumpkins outside, but didn’t get around to it because of all my casual costume prep.  When I started making my broken glass crown though, I thought these would be perfect to go with the photos I wanted to take with the crown.


I made these over the course of a week, coming back to it when I had time around the kids schedules.



Chicken Wire

Wire Cutters

Gloves (so you don’t poke yourself with chicken wire)





Bowl to mix paper mache in


Rocks or Sand in a bag



Vinyl gloves for working with the paper mache

Step 1:

Wearing your gloves, cut a piece of chicken wire and shape it into a tentacle.  I rolled the chicken wire, making it wider at the base, then thinner a the top, then cut off the extra.  To secure the shape, bend the end pieces around the other wire in a seam up the side.  Once there are no sharp pieces sticking out of the side, you can manipulate the chicken wire into the shape you want.  Twisting works well, I’ve found.

I left he bottom end open and cut a little, bending the wire out to make it stand on its own.

FullSizeRender (1)


Step 2:

Prepare your paper mache.  I used a recipe from Ultimate Paper Mache, she’s got lots!

I used was the second one, the raw flour and water paste.

Step 3:

Tear newspaper into strips.  I use smaller strips for the first layer because it’s hard to make it the larger ones stick to the bare wire.

If you want to use vinyl gloves, this is when you put them on.  dip the newspaper strips into the paper mache, completely cover it, then wipe off some of the excess.  I dipped a strip, then draped it over the side of my bowl, and went on to the next strip until my bowl was surrounded with wet newspaper strips.  This also allows the newspaper to soak in the paper mache a little more.

Next, I placed the strips on the wire.  Because the strips don’t stick really well on the first layer, I had to do one side at a time, let it dry a little, then turn the tentacle and do the next side, until the whole thing was covered.


Step 4:

Allow the first layer to fully dry, then add more layers.  As many as you want to make it as sturdy as you need.  I used 3-4 layers, then took some extra paper mache and rubbed the whole thing down with it, to make it smoother.

Next time, I may try the Paper Mache Clay recipe on the Ultimate Paper Mache site to finish it.

Step 5:

Next, I weighted the end of the tentacle so it would stand by itself.   I filled a plastic bag with rocks.  You can also use sand, I just didn’t have any around.  I stuffed the bottom with the bag of rocks and (with my gloves back on) I closed up the end and manipulated the wire to make sure it could stand on its own.

At this point you can cover the end with paper mache if you want.  I didn’t only because I knew that part wouldn’t show in my photo and for Halloween, I’m planning on covering the bottom anyway.

*Note:  I didn’t take photos of this part, but I will and add them to this section next time I make them.

Step 6:


I used Gesso to prep the tentacle for paint.  It dries pretty quickly.  Then I painted the whole thing white and let it dry.  Last, I freehanded the black stripes.


That’s it!  It’s ready to hang out in your house or at your party, looking cool.  I may try some different colors next.  I think it would be cool in some bright candy colors for a party, or red and white for some ginger bread house Christmas decor.

Feel free to share your versions of this in the comments!  I’d love to see what you make!