Briar’s Little Red Riding Hood Party

I just found some photos from Briar’s 3rd birthday.  The theme was Little Red Briar Hood.  The ‘goody bags’ were in baskets with red tissue paper, the kids liked that.  The trees were made out of a roll of brown craft paper and some green tissue paper for a few spring leaves.  My sister painted … Continue reading “Briar’s Little Red Riding Hood Party”

Briar’s Rainbow Unicorn Party

Briar’s 5th birthday party was rainbow unicorn themed.  I left those streamers up half the summer because I loved them so much.  I would have left them up all summer, but I threw another party with a different theme. Before all the food was out. Sorry for the dark photo.  Unicorn horn headbands, flower and … Continue reading “Briar’s Rainbow Unicorn Party”

Beetlejuice-esque Black & White Tentacle DIY

I wanted to make these last Halloween to go with my pumpkins outside, but didn’t get around to it because of all my casual costume prep.  When I started making my broken glass crown though, I thought these would be perfect to go with the photos I wanted to take with the crown. I made … Continue reading “Beetlejuice-esque Black & White Tentacle DIY”