Casual Costume 10/11 & 10/12 Ace Ventura and Madam Mim

Here are my casual costume from Tuesday and Wednesday. Tuesday was Ace Ventura.  I found the shorts and shirt at a thrift store and I was able to use the shorts for my costume of The Dude also. Wednesday (today) is Madam Mim from The Sword in the Stone.  I don’t know about you but … Continue reading “Casual Costume 10/11 & 10/12 Ace Ventura and Madam Mim”

Stranger Things Casual Costume

Like the rest of the world, I watched Stranger Things this summer and LOVED it.   How could I NOT do a Stranger Things character?  I  immediately started looking for an Eleven dress, but big surprise, it’s hard to find in my size.  I won’t stop looking though, maybe I can do it another year. … Continue reading “Stranger Things Casual Costume”

Casual Costume Day 4 – Agatha Trunchbull from Matlida

My siblings and I loved the movie Matilda when we were growing up.  It’s definitely a classic for us, and now my daughter loves it too.  Dressing up as the Trunchbull was a no brainer for an awesome costume. Also, this costume was really easy to pull together.  Blue skirt suit, brown belt, tube socks, … Continue reading “Casual Costume Day 4 – Agatha Trunchbull from Matlida”

Casual Costume Day 3: Annie Wilkes from Misery

“I’m your number one fan.” Casual costume wouldn’t be complete without a few scary characters, it’s Halloween after all! Today, I was Annie Wilkes from Misery. This outfit is really what I was envisioning when I started casual costumes.  It looks like normal clothing (not MY normal clothing, but someones), so you wouldn’t know I’m … Continue reading “Casual Costume Day 3: Annie Wilkes from Misery”

Casual Costume: 10/4/2016 – The Dude!

Who doesn’t love The Dude?  This is one that I planned to do last year, but didn’t find all the pieces in time.  Plus, I get to wear a soft robe around all day, what’s not to love about that? I had to go out to my mom’s house to find a grocery store with … Continue reading “Casual Costume: 10/4/2016 – The Dude!”

Casual Costume October 2016! #1 – 10/3/2016

It’s time at last for Casual Costume October!  For those of you new to the concept: I dress up in a casual costume every day of October.  What makes it casual instead of just a costume?  I try to only use actual clothing, nothing from costume stores, and no wigs.  I want people to see … Continue reading “Casual Costume October 2016! #1 – 10/3/2016”

Gearing up for Casual Costume October

My favorite time of year is approaching quickly, Casual Costume October!  I’ve been collecting pieces for my costumes all summer, and I always have pieces from previous years that I never got to.  So far, I have 21 complete costumes!  They aren’t quite ready to go yet, I still have to alter a bunch of them. … Continue reading “Gearing up for Casual Costume October”