David Bowie Costume

Today’s costume is not so casual, but one I’ve been wanting to do for a while.

My first year doing casual costume, I planned to do the classic David Bowie with the lightning makeup, but I didn’t get to it. And I didn’t get to it last year either. Then unfortunately he died this year. After that, everyone was doing that makeup.

Instead, I decided to choose another David Bowie look. For this costume, I took the outfit from one, but did a different makeup that stood out a little better in photos.

And as an extra Halloween twist, I used skeleton hands!

The rest of the outfit just involved me doing a lot of cutting and also a lot of exercise in the weeks leading up to taking this picture.  Ok, not really a lot of exercise, I’m pretty lazy, so it was more like an hour lying in front of the TV each night, occasionally doing some push-ups and crunches.  BUT, I did cut out bagels for a while and some bad for you foods, so there was SOME effort on my part.



Author: Odd Mom In

Pink haired mom of two, trying to make life more fun one craft project at a time.

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