Make Mode

I’m trying to learn to balance this blog vs. making things.  It’s harder than I thought it would be, especially with school out and the kids here all day.

Lately,  I’ve been in making stuff mode, to try to fill that Etsy shop.  Here’s what I’ve been doing lately.


I finished this bloody mirror recently.  Found an old wooden scratched mirror at a thrift store.  After some sanding and painting, I think it looks really cool!  The splattering was fun, even if I got it all over my arms, hair, and face.

I’ve also started working with resin again.  I’ve been making pins and necklaces, and so far, I love them.  Here are a couple pictures of some moons and unicorn I made.    What do you think?  What are you working on this summer? IMG_7409IMG_7408


Author: Odd Mom In

Pink haired mom of two, trying to make life more fun one craft project at a time.

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