My Pink Hair


“Why did you do that?”  I get asked why my hair is pink sometimes.  I honestly have no answer other than, “I like it.”  Isn’t that why anyone does it?  Even for blondes, brunettes, redheads?  Mostly though, people tell me they like my hair, or they ignore it.  I’m fine with both.  I do adore when small children look at me with wide eyes and tell their parents, “Her hair is pink!”

I get some looks though, often when I’m volunteering at my kids school.  I don’t really notice, but others have told me.  It doesn’t affect me in any way.  I find it strange that anyone would  have an opinion about my hair, but their opinion doesn’t really touch my life, so they can think whatever they want about it.

But the question I get most often is how I keep up my color and how much I dye it.

I don’t do the blonde myself.  My amazing stylist Britney at Jouvence Aveda makes me a fabulous platinum blonde.  She also touches up the pink for me while I’m there with Aveda’s pink.  I like it, but their pink is a little too purple for me.  In between visits I up the pink myself, usually every other week.  But it’s pretty quick and easy.

Usually, I use Beyond The Zone Color Jamz  in Bubble Head Pink or Party Time Pink.  For this dye, I would wet my hair first, then (wearing gloves and sitting in the bathtub), I would wash the dye in like shampoo.  It’s really bright, so I only let it sit a couple minutes because I like my pink to be light most of the time.  Then I wash it out and shampoo and condition as normal.  However, Color Jamz just changed their formula on my pink to be conditioning, or something like that, and my method no longer works.

Now I’m using Ion Color Brilliance Semi Permanent Neon Brights Hair Color .  I use the pinks and sometimes purple for the ends.  The purple is gorgeous!  Since my hair is already light, it just takes a few minutes to put on my hair, I let it sit a little while, the I take a shower as usual.

And that’s it!  Do you guys have a better answer for when people ask you why you dye your hair?



Author: Odd Mom In

Pink haired mom of two, trying to make life more fun one craft project at a time.

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