Briar’s Rainbow Unicorn Party

Briar’s 5th birthday party was rainbow unicorn themed.  I left those streamers up half the summer because I loved them so much.  I would have left them up all summer, but I threw another party with a different theme.

Before all the food was out.

Sorry for the dark photo.  Unicorn horn headbands, flower and ribbon hair clips, and a thrift store embroidery find.  (I actually got that a few years ago because I liked it, not for the party.)

Unicorn found at a thrift store and repainted (it looked really dirty).

Rainbow unicorn plates and napkins, from Oriental Trading (they’re also on Amazon).  And felt cloud ‘rain’ bow made a while ago with felt.

Me and Briar in our unicorn horn headbands.  Made with dollar store headbands, felt and air dry clay (which I spray painted).  The headbands were more popular than I thought they’d be!  All the adults wanted to wear them too, which I was hoping for!  (PS- I got the leggings on Amazon.)

And, we rented a pony.  I wish they’d had a unicorn horn to put on it though.

Unicorn cookies that a friend brought.

And then…pony decorating.  It didn’t hurt the pony!  Maybe humiliated him a little though.

Stickers on the pony.

Throwing glitter on the pony.

But the kids loved it, even though we didn’t have a lot of little girls at the party.

We also had a bubble table set up in the yard, which the kids flocked to (and Kieran drank some of).  You really can’t go wrong with bubbles for kids of any age, even adults.  Who doesn’t like bubbles?

There were cupcakes too, but I didn’t seem to get a photo of them.  They were colorful.

And I had a bunch of these outside in the patio area, but again, no photos of them in action.


Author: Odd Mom In

Pink haired mom of two, trying to make life more fun one craft project at a time.

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