Briar’s Art Party

This weekend was my daughters 7th birthday party.  It’s also the first year we decided not to have a huge, 50 person friends and family party.  Every other Memorial Day weekend we’ve had a big party with a big theme.  I’m all about themes, I love them.  I will theme everything I can.  Last year we did a circus party (which I’ll write about later), the year before that was a Rainbow Unicorn Party , where we rented a pony.

But this year, we wanted to keep it small.  We invited 8 of her friends and Briar picked the Art party theme.  It was fun, but I definitely did not have enough help.  One or two more adults would have been ideal, but my sisters were busy.  Thankfully my mom was there to help, and of course my husband.  Still, it was 10 kids vs. 3 adults.   And every kid wanted to do everything at the same time and needed help to do it.  It was a little hectic.

I set up necklace making and sand art for when everyone was starting to arrive.  I have no pictures of this because at the time I was alone and every kid needed help.  After that we had Popsicles (it was hot!) and did spin art.  The kids loved the spin art!

After spin art, I needed a little time to set up the big activity, splatter painting, so we wrangled all the kids into the house for a lunch break.  Just getting 10 kids to sit down and getting them all food was a feat, but we did it.  Again, no pictures because 10 kids were shouting what food they wanted at us, all at the same time (but politely).

I set up the splatter paint area in the yard.  After lunch, all the kids put on smocks, berets (because they are adorable AND cover their hair), and sunglasses (didn’t want paint getting in eyes).  We sat all the kids down, nice and spread out, so there was plenty of space to splattering and explained what we were going to do.



When the paint came out though, all bets were off.  All the kids moved to the middle to be closer to the paint and nothing I said or did got them to spread out again.  And yes, I did tell all the parents in advance to make sure their kids wore clothes that could get messy!  However, I didn’t anticipate how messy they would get.  I think this would have been a great activity for 8-9 year olds.  6-7 year olds, not so much.  They were laying on the tarp painting, they were on top of each other, there was paint everywhere.  It was wonderful chaos.



Finally, we called it and tried to clean the kids off in the bathrooms, but it was too much.  We pulled out the kiddie pool and lots of washcloths and hosed them all down.  The kids LOVED it though.  The parents didn’t seem too horrified when they picked up their paint covered children, so I hope they down hate me now.  The paint did say it would wash off with soap and water, but some of their shoes…well I’m doubtful.

To end the party, after we cleaned them off then I had them decorate cupcakes until their parents arrived.  They loved that, but none of them ate the cupcake after, just the candy off the tops, which I expected.

For the decor I picked three of my favorite colors, I mean, Briar’s favorite colors.  I punched out some circles for garland, cut out some paint splatters using a template, and added some good old fashion balloons and streamers.

These pictures were taken after clean up when I finally got a chance to slow down.




Author: Odd Mom In

Pink haired mom of two, trying to make life more fun one craft project at a time.

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