From Concept to Completion

Sometimes I get an idea in my head and it doesn’t go away until I try it.  Usually it’s some kind of craft or photo.  And if I have everything I need, I can do it that same day, for the most part.

This is the case for the following photos.  I’d been experimenting with marbling.  I marbled a couple small shelves, a globe, some frames, and I loved it.

The globe reminded me of a galaxy print, and I thought it would look cool on my face.  At about 11pm, about 6 hours after the idea first came to me, I told my husband I was going into the bathroom to dip my face in paint and take pictures of it.  He just said, “Ok.”  He’s used to things like that at this point and doesn’t ask questions anymore.

And that’s exactly what I did.

Unfortunately, not everything translates from my head into what I’m imagining.  Fortunately, I keep going and trying different things, and I hope to get something I like out of it.

I took a paper plate and poured paint on it (don’t worry, I was wearing so much primer and foundation that no actual paint touched my face).  I used a good amount of black because I wanted it to look galaxy-like.  I dipped my cheek in the paint.  And it turned out ok.


But it wasn’t exactly what I wanted.  I poured paint directly on my face.  Nope.   That’s not it either.


I poured glitter over top of the paint.  Hmm, getting better.


I dipped more of my face in the paint.


And added more glitter.

Yes!  That’s the look I was going for.

Then it got in my mouth and it tasted awful.  But I left it and kept taking pictures because I liked how gross it looked.  I was careful not to swallow any and immediately rinsed my mouth our when I was finished.

And in the end, the photos came out even better than what I was imaging!

Here they are:



Author: Odd Mom In

Pink haired mom of two, trying to make life more fun one craft project at a time.

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